When should I call Ave Maria Hospice?

Caregivers and patients alike suffer when everyone is worn out.
A comment we hear way too often is: “I wish we had called about hospice much earlier.”

Consider this, if:

  1. Your loved one has been diagnosed with a serious illness such as those listed below.

    • Heart disease
    • Liver disease
    • Lung disease
    • Kidney disease
    • A. L. S. (Lou Gehrig’s Disease)
    • Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, dementia and other neurological disorders
    • Cancers of all kinds
    • Failure to thrive
    • AIDS
    • Physical and mental conditions associated with frailty and old age
    • Generalized debility
  2. They have decided against further aggressive treatment because in the normal course of the disease there is no cure. They want to be at home.

  3. They have decided to live in comfort in their own home with the best quality of life possible, in familiar surroundings and with their family by their side. You may have noted a few of the following:

    • Your loved one grows weaker each day.
    • Your loved one is losing physical abilities.
    • Your loved one has had numerous admissions to the emergency room.
    • Your loved one visits the hospital more frequently and those hospital stays last longer.
    • Your loved one is losing weight quickly.
    • The number of illnesses your loved one faces grows each week and month.
    • What used to be simple is difficult—for example eating, bathing and walking becomes harder and harder to master.

Serious illness requires more than just care, it requires comfort. Our comfort care includes symptom treatment, emotional and spiritual support. Our care includes all necessary medical equipment, hospice-diagnosis related drugs and professionals trained in this specialty – at no cost to you.

In just a few minutes we can assess your situation to determine if hospice might be an option for your loved one. Call Shirley Higdon who will be happy to assist you at 830-997-1709.


When I am hungry,
Give me someone who needs food,
When I am thirsty,
Send me someone who needs water.
When I am cold,
Send me someone who needs to warm up.
When I am hurt,
Send me someone to be consoled.

When my cross becomes heavy,
Give me the cross of someone else to share.
When I am poor,
Guide me to someone who is in need.
When I have no time,
Send me someone who I can help for a moment.
When I am humiliated,
Give me someone who I can praise.
When I am discouraged,
Send me someone to encourage.
When I need to understand others,
Send me someone who needs my understanding.
When I need help for myself,
Send me someone for whom I can care.
When I only think of myself,
Turn my thoughts to others.

-Mother Theresa



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